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I/we apply to join ATDO. I/we wish to proceed with the application, having the necessary authority to do so on behalf of my/our organisation. I/we confirm that my/our events conform to the requirements for membership and agree to abide by the rules of the association. I/we will send a payment of 160 by bank transfer within 7 days of application.

I understand that by joining ATDO I/we become a member/guarantor of The Association of Track Day Organisers Limited and bound by its Memorandum and Articles of Association. (Copies available on website).


1) I/we agree to abide by the code of practice at all times.

2) I/we agree to the probationary period of 12 months or 6 events (whichever the shorter). You must notify us of your first 12 months events.

3) I/we confirm that during the probationary period I/we must not, in any way, advertise or promote the organisation as being a member of ATDO.

4) Should the organisation fail the probationary period, I/we understand that no refund will be given on the membership fee paid.

5) I/we agree to be randomly inspected one or more times by ATDO or an approved 3rd party.

6) I/we agree to the ATDO disciplinary procedure. In the event of a complaint being made about the organisation, I/we agree to the inspection procedure and to agree to pay the cost of the inspection. I/we understand that the cost of inspection is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the inspection.

Please note - A complaint about your organisation does not guarantee you will be inspected. A panel will review each complaint and its credibility and seriousness assessed.

You must include proof of 5,000,000 Public Liability cover (in the name of your organisation) within 7 days of your application unless you are except from this requirement (ie you are an associate ATDO member and not an active organiser of track events).

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08 Mar 2021

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