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Press Release (13 Nov 2013)

Claim for Damages Following an Incident at Snetterton in 2010

The ATDO board have been reviewing the transcripts and judgement of a legal claim which we were concerned could have adversely affected the track day industry. This claim came to court in September 2013, and involved one track day participant successfully bringing a claim against another for damage to his car following an on-track incident. There was no claim for personal injuries.

Our concerns were that the claim was made at all, that it could have set a precedent for the outcome of other claims, and by its nature the judgement could adversely affect the track day industry and its participants.

The ATDO board felt so strongly about these issues that we decided to appeal the judgement, but the reality was that the time delay in gathering the necessary transcripts and then reviewing these with legal assistance and advice meant we were unable to lodge grounds for appeal within the time allotted by the court.

We are, however, advised that no legal precedent was set by the judge's decision would not be binding in other cases if they arose. The ATDO stance in this is clear. We consider that the ruling was founded out of a lack of proper representation of the case for the defendant, lack of suitable background information around the operation and nature of track days, and lack of expert advice from suitably eminent and respected industry representatives. If proper representation and expert advice had been provided, we consider that the claim would not have been successful.

With this in mind, ATDO would expect to assist with any future actions of a similar nature. We would hope with the backing of the entire motor sport industry.

Finally, we also note that the insurers significantly have elected not to pursue the recovery of the damages awarded by the court. It is a matter for conjecture why this should be, but this may have been driven by the industry and customer reaction to the court case.

Issued by the Board of the Association of Track Day Organisers on 13 Nov 2013

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